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Weekly $10 Publix Shopping List Using Only Printable Coupons

3/17: $44.46 in Publix Groceries for umm…almost FREE :) March 16, 2011

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$10 Publix Shopping List

How about saving some major green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day?  As I was making out this week’s list, I started forming my spreadsheet and noticed something peculiar…the total was teeny tiny (maybe a little leprechaun at work? Sorry I couldn’t help myself LOL) and it kept getting smaller!  This week’s total is…drumroll, please…$0.64!! You’ll spend an average of less than $0.04 on each of the 18 items (compared to $2.50 average before sales/coupons).

This Thursday’s Penny Item is Publix Salad Dressing.

Mueller’s Pasta – 12-16 oz – excl. Lasagna, Jumbo Shells and Egg Noodles
BOGO@ $0.67 each – $1/1 Mueller’s Pasta printable (coupon is emailed to new subscribers) = FREE + $0.33 overage!

Progresso Soup – 18-19 oz
BOGO @ $1.14 each – $1/4 Progresso Soup printable or printable = $0.89 each ($3.56 for 4)

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock – 15 oz – or 2 pack – 7.5 oz
BOGO @ $1.04 each – $0.40/1 Country Crock printable or printable or printable (dbls) = $0.24 each

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables – 7-10 oz – excl. Asparagus Cuts
BOGO @ $0.89 each – $0.50/1 Green Giant printable (dbls) = FREE + $0.11 overage!

Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Cracker Chips – 6 oz
BOGO @ $1.74 each – $1/1 Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Crackers printable or printable or printable = $0.74 each

Dove Men + Care Antiperspirant & Deodorant – 2.7 or 3 oz pkg
@ $3.50 each – $1/1 Dove Men+Care body wash or deodorant Target printable and $2/1 Dove Men+Care deodorant printable (try zip 30102) = $0.50 each

Silk Soymilk – 1/2 gal
@ $2.50 each – $1/1 Silk Pure Almond or Soymilk printable and $1/1 Silk Pure Almond or Soymilk from the Publix Family Style magazine (found in the turnstyle at the front of the store) = $0.50 each

Sundown Vitamin D – 100 ct.
@ $2.99 each – $6/2 Sundown Naturals vitamins Publix Green Advantage Flyer coupon and $3/2 Sundown Naturals vitamins printable = FREE + $1.50 overage ($3 overage on 2)


Item Quantity price pd ext price orig price ext. price savings
Muellers Pasta 2 $ (0.33) $ (0.66) $1.34 $2.68 125
Progresso Soup 4 $0.89 $3.56 $2.28 $9.12 61
Shedd’s Spread Country Crock 2 $0.24 $0.48 $2.08 $4.16 88
Green Giant Veggies 2 $ (0.11) $ (0.22) $1.78 $3.56 106
Pepperidge Farm Crackers 2 $0.74 $1.48 $3.48 $6.96 79
Dove Men+Care Deodorant 2 $0.50 $1.00 $3.50 $7.00 86
Silk Soymilk 2 $0.50 $1.00 $2.50 $5.00 80
Sundown Vitamin D 2 $ (3.00) $ (6.00) $2.99 $5.98 200
18 $0.64 $ 44.46 103

9 Responses to “3/17: $44.46 in Publix Groceries for umm…almost FREE :)”

  1. Julie Says:

    WOW! Loving this list!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Lonnette Says:

    CONFUSED NEWBIE QUESTION: I have a coupon that states FREE pasta when you buy 2 Ragu Pasta sauces. I’m unsure of how many pastas to buy and if both will be free when using this coupon. Example: If I purchase 2 Ragu’s, do I need to get two Mueller’s also being that they are BOGO. Will this coupon allow them to cancel each other out and BOTH packages be free. I also have the $1 Mueller’s coupons available. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Freckles Says:

    It actually depends on where you live 🙂
    If you are in the land of true BOGO, where you can buy one item at regular price and the other item is free: Buy two Ragus and then you’ll get 1 pasta free. But then, since you’ve gotten one pasta, you can get the second one free based on the BOGO deal! As far as the pasta coupons, the ragu coupon attaches to the pasta (since it is the item you are getting the discount on), but you can still use the mueller’s coupon on the 2nd BOGO one. So, buy 2 pastas & 2 sauces, use the ragu coupon and one mueller’s coupon.
    In the land of half-price BOGO (each item is half price, when you buy two, the cost = the non-sale price of one): You would still get the initial pasta free, but if you bought two, you would pay half-price for the second one. But with the mueller’s coupon, it’s still FREE 🙂
    As always, check with customer service to see which BOGO scenario your store falls under. I know a lot of FL stores do true BOGO, but all the ones here in my neck of the woods (Atlanta-area) do half-price BOGO.

  4. Debbie Petsch Says:

    I am so confused as the coupon for Silk milk in the Publix Family Style magazine. Is this the one you get at home that had the coupon. Because the one they have in the store doesn’t have the coupon. I was so disappointed. I was so hoping to only pay .50 for my Silk.

    • Freckles Says:

      In the Spring Family Style magazine, there was an insert in the middle that held a few coupons. One of them was for the Silk. My Publix was out of the magazine altogether, so I asked about it at Customer Service. They had no problem giving me the $1 discount without the coupon from the magazine!

  5. Britt Says:

    Is anyone else having a hard time getting the coupon for Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Cracker Chips and the coupon for the Dove deodorant. I could not get either one. The cracker chips link kept saying there were no more prints and I just couldn’t find the second deodorant coupon.

    • Freckles Says:

      Hi Britt,
      It looks like both of those coupons have reached their print limit. I have seen the Deodorant one pop up regularly, so keep an eye out, print it when you see it and hold onto it for the next time it is on sale 🙂

  6. Julie Says:

    I just checked for the Pepperidge farm one and it told me no prints available, so I guess they reached their limit? I’m not sure. I printed dove coupons last week or the week before when cvs had them on sale and you got them free, so I wasn’t able to get anymore of those. I hate they aren’t working for you! 😦

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