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Once Upon A Coupon: Weekly Publix Menu Plan April 14, 2011

Filed under: Menu Plan — Angela @ 6:19 pm

I am so excited about a blog that I stumbled upon today! Jennifer at Once Upon a Coupon is a lifesaver—she posts a weekly Publix menu plan that can feed a family of four for seven days for under $50! Her menus include organic and natural foods and she gives lunch options based on dinner leftovers from the night before.

Each post contains a “What to Buy” categorized list, complete with prices and coupons, and a “What to Make” list with dinner recipes. I love that she bases the menus off of sale items and coupon matchups—it fits perfectly within my budget since I have a healthy stockpile of a lot of the ingredients in her list.

Head on over and take a look at what she’s planning for the next seven days!


2 Responses to “Once Upon A Coupon: Weekly Publix Menu Plan”

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  2. shabuj Says:

    Natural food is healthy for all. Their price is also compared low than processed food. So we always try to have some natural food everyday. The whole week food at $50 plan is awesome. Thanks for giving that.

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