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Gift Card Project: 1st shopping trip! April 15, 2011

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Yesterday I came home to a note on my door from FedEx–my gift card had arrived (I just had to go pick it up)! I thought it was a bit odd that ConAgra (the sponsor of the recipe contest I entered) hadn’t sent the gift card in the mail like every other gift card I have ever received, but whatever, no biggie.  I headed over to the FedEx place to pick it up and I was handed a large shipping envelope that was both too big and too heavy to be holding just one gift card. Sure enough, I opened it up and found this inside:

15 $10 Publix gift cards. Very funny, ConAgra.  Thankfully, the wonderful Courtney at my Publix’s Customer Service was able to put them all onto one card for me 🙂

I’ll be going out again to pick up the Helluva Good! Dip that’s B1G1 in the Yellow Advantage Buy flyer that starts tomorrow, but I stocked up on the chips for it today with the coupon out of the current Advantage Buy flyer. Also, I usually compare prices between my Kroger and Publix, but I wanted to utilize Publix as much as I could with my gift card project so you’ll see a couple of non-sale items on my list. And let me tell you, it hurt to buy them without a coupon!! I just had to rationalize it by telling myself that the overages on other things counted as discounts for the non-sale items. I did end up buying a couple of containers of a certain brand of feta cheese that I can only get at Kroger and I picked up a loaf of French bread for $0.79. I spent a total of $5 at Kroger and got the rest of the ingredients I needed to make my (now award-winning) Warm Tomato and Feta Bruschetta!

In this list I bought a few veggies and milk, but you’ll notice there’s no meat. There just wasn’t anything that I needed that was on a great sale. Especially since I’ve got about 10 lbs of ground beef and another 10 of chicken in my freezer, along with various Morningstar Farms and Boca Burgers, chicken nuggets/tenders/strips and about 5 sausage links. Maybe next week I’ll pick up some seafood to put in the freezer 🙂

Without further ado, here’s how I did:

2 Quaker Chewy Granola Bar @ $1.50 (on sale from $2.99)

  • $0.75/2 manufacturer coupon
  • $1/1 Publix coupon
  • Total: $1.24

2 Yoplait YoPlus @ $1.00 (on sale from $2.00)

  • (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupon
  • Total: $0

2 Wise Cheez Doodles @ $1.50 (on sale from $2.99)

  • (2) $0.50/1 manufacturer coupon (dbls)
  • Total: $0.99

6 Idahoan Potatoes @ $0.63 (on sale from $1.25)

  • (2) $1/3 manufacturer coupon
  • Total: $1.75

2 Scotties Facial Tissue @ $0.99

  • (2) $0.50/1 manufacturer coupon (dbls)
  • Total: -$0.02

4 Wheat Thins Stix @ $1.50 (on sale from $2.99)

  • (4) $1/1 manufacturer coupon
  • Total: $1.98

4 Triscuits @ $1.50 (on sale from $2.99)

  • (4) $1/1 manufacturer coupon
  • Total: $1.98

4 Breakstone’s Sour Cream @ $1.13 (on sale from $ 2.25)

  • (4) $0.50/1 manufacturer coupon (dbls)
  • Total: $0.50

1 Pam Cooking Spray @ $1.60 (on sale from $3.29)

  • $0.35/1 manufacturer coupon (dbls)
  • $1/1 Publix coupon
  • Total: -$0.10

3 Pop Tarts @ $1.05 (on sale from $2.59)

  • $1/3 manufacturer coupon
  • Total: $2.14

2 Maruchan Yakisoba @ $0.89

  • (2) $0.50/1 manufacturer coupon (dbls)
  • Total: -$0.22

3 Lay’s Potato Chips @ $2.00 (on sale from $3.99)

  • (3) $0.55/1 manufacturer coupon
  • (3) $1/1 Publix coupon
  • Total: $1.35

1 Gallon Milk @ $3.19

1 Mott’s Apple Sauce @ $1.37 (on sale from $2.73)

1 Lemon Juice @ $0.99

2 Kraft Cheddar w/ Philly @ $1.67 (on sale from $3.79)

  • (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupon
  • Total: $1.34

.97 lb Sweet Onion @ $1.29/lb

  • Total: $1.25

1.26 lb Green Bell Pepper @ $1.49/lb (on sale from $1.99/lb)

  • Total: $1.88

1 Avocado @ $2.49

  • 2 $1 off produce Coupon
  • Total: $0.49

1 Romaine Lettuce @ $1.99

1 Publix Bread @ $0.89 (on sale from $1.25)

Subtotal before sales/coupons: $105.94

Subtotal after: $25.97 (saved $79.97 or 75%)

Tax: $1.18

Grand total: $27.15

Left on gift card: $122.85

After the first day of this little project, just looking at these numbers makes me realize how much I’m saving my family by couponing. It’s definitely great motivation to keep doing this. I was looking at our budget the other day and remember telling my husband about the extra money we have in our account compared to this same time last year. I was working very part-time without any prospects for a new job when the summer started and although my husband had a full-time job, he had just learned that he was victim to a “Reduction in Force” and would be without a job starting in the summer, as well. It was a very scary time for us when we were already struggling to make ends meet with our newborn baby girl. Thankfully, I picked up a wonderful job just as my current one ended, and my husband wasn’t but a week behind me. We still struggled for a bit, but then I discovered couponing. We went from buying generics and just the necessities (milk, bread, rice, beans, formula, diapers) on a $100 budget to buying all name brands and stuffing the cabinets on a $50 budget.  I am so thankful that I had a few friends “show me the light” and I have never looked back. I look in my cabinets now and spend 15 minutes trying to decide what I want to make for dinner instead of spending 15 minutes trying to figure out what I can make using just tuna and red beans.  I hope this helps inspire you to begin or continue couponing.  Think of what your family could do with the extra $100/week that you are saving at the grocery store–that’s $5,200 a year!

Happy couponing, everyone!


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