Couponing Lite

Weekly $10 Publix Shopping List Using Only Printable Coupons

About “Couponing Lite” November 2, 2010

This started when I began emailing a friend of mine every week with what I call my “couponing lite” list.  It is the Publix sale list matched with printable coupons and I try to keep it around $10 every week. That’s the “lite” part. You don’t have to get the newspaper to get the deals I post and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a ton of food and goods. I also do my best to test every coupon link I post in order to make it as hassle free as possible.

After emailing my friend for a couple of weeks, some of my other friends started asking for the list, then their friends started asking. So here I am now with a blog that I can make as pretty as I want it and people can link to it however they want and I don’t have to email each individual person anymore!

I was really going for a beginner’s guide to couponing–letting you play in the shallow end of the pool to see how you like it before setting you free to jump off the high-dive.  Hopefully my weekly lists will help you bolster your confidence since most of the hard work is already done for you!

The first few posts are just the emails cut and paste, that explains the bad formatting 🙂  Also, I get most of my info from a few favorite sites:, and  A few others are zeal for a deal which does a weekly Publix “Change for a Change” with a $3 shopping list worth 5 times as much in groceries that would be good for donation and baby cheapskate, which lists great diaper and formula deals every week.


2 Responses to “About “Couponing Lite””

  1. april Says:

    please e-mail me the couponing lite for under 11 dollars this would really me . thanks

    • Freckles Says:

      Hi April!
      You can enter your email in the green “subscribe” box on the right-hand side of my blog to get the list delivered to your inbox every week.

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